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The attraction of car lovers for Jaguar E type

When jaguar e type (enzo ferrari jaguar) was designed and ready to be released in 1961, it was secretly given to journalists who wrote automobile-related articles to newspapers to test drive the car and write articles. This made the situation to be unable to take the car to Geneva motor show because of the public being aware and very excited to see this car on its way to the motor show. Finally, Bob Perry, an executive officer of Jaguar had to drive the car very fast like his girlfriend’s brother was chasing after him in order to take the car from Coventry in England to Parc des Eaux-Vives in Geneva. He was able to take the just 20 minutes before the starting event, which relieved the stress of Jaguar team in Geneva who were afraid that car could not arrive on time.

Jaguar E type (enzo ferrari jaguar)

Just after the release of this car, the whole world went crazy about it. Even today when we see a Jaguar e type at a motor show we go crazy about it, so we can imagine the extent of excitement at its launch in 1961.

However, after the launch, the journalists from all around the world were waiting in a queue to test drive the car. Jaguar team had to bring down another extra car also to be able to let all those people go on a test drive.

The person who had to undertake this hard task of taking the second car to Geneva was Norman Dewis, who was a test driver at Jaguar. He was already testing the car at the track and what he asked was some time to rest. But the answer from Jaguar was “Are you mad”. Then what he told was “Let me pack my bags”. Then the answer from Jaguar was like “We have already prepared it”.

So he had to leave to Geneva at 7.45 pm that day. Even how fast he drove to Dover to catch the ferry, the ferry had already left, and the next one was in the next morning. Luckily, the person who was in charge of the operation at Ferry terminal understood that this is not an ordinary vehicle. So he called the ferry and told: “Turn back and come, there’s a Jaguar here”. So by the time Norman Dewis had two sandwiches, the ferry was back.

So the next day, ending a 600-mile journey in 11 hours Norman Dewis and new Jag arrived in Geneva. The average speed of the journey was 68 miles per hour. Driving a brand new car which has not been released to the market in 1961 nonstop for 11 hours at speed higher than 100 kilometres per hour resembles the power of the 3.8-litre engine of the car. Can you imagine how great the quality of British automobile engineering back then?

Jaguar E type (enzo ferrari jaguar)

Jaguar E type is one of the greatest and most beautiful cars that have been produced until today. Even once the founder of Ferrari Enzo Ferrari once told that this is the most beautiful car in the world if the founder of a company which produced a masterpiece like 250 Testa Rossa Spider told that there is no need of any more proof.

In the aspect of style, the car appeared to have come from the future. With its beautiful oval face and smooth body, as feline and exploitative as the Jaguar name promised, it arrived into a world of automobiles like a jet fighter among passenger planes.

You can realise how important Jaguar E type to Britain even today by seeing the fact that Prince Harry and Meghan drove a Jaguar E type concept zero on their wedding day. This is an electric concept made by Jaguar. That means an electric, converted classic car. This was a 1968 model Series 1.5 car, and the Jaguar team has told this electric conversion will give a new life to the cars which are abandoned because of not being able to repair.

I am a classic car lover, and Jaguar E type is one of my dreams for a long time. Jaguar motor company in Britain started production of this car in 1961 and produced three models (Series 1, Series 2 and Series 3) up to the year 1975.

Its beauty, high performance and competitive price made it a supercar in the world by the time of its launch. The 3800 CC engine enabled the car to reach the speed of 60 miles per hour in less than 7 seconds, and the top speed was 150 miles per hour. Therefore, this is considered as a high-performance car in the 1960s.

The E‑type was able to define its generation. It resembled everything the 60s stood for and became the car of choice for the billionaires, superstars in the film industry and music stars alike.

So as London knew about this new E type rebirth by Jaguar, it also started to echo with the roar of the electric conversion, quickly regaining its iconic status along with other giants of design, art, music and fashion in the modern world.

Jaguar E type (enzo ferrari jaguar) was a legend in the time it was introduced, and it has been able to retain its legendary iconic value even until today after 60 years of the first launch. It was always a dream of car enthusiasts and classic car lovers, and it will remain its value and dignity in the future as well having a space in every car lover’s heart which cannot be replaced by any other automobile

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